DIQUE CreativeLabCorp

These creative works have been chiefly designed or directed by one or more people from the Dominican Republic. Moreover, in addition to these works being futile attempts at significance and validation through art, they have also been compiled to convince you of our unique creative abilities and marketable skills. If you think our work, or this entire endeavor for that matter, is not cool, creative, or original enough, guess what? So do we. In that case, feel free to disregard all future communication from us, block us or drop any of our works in the group chat where you make yourself feel better by making fun of things you think suck. We all do it; it’s ok. On the other hand, if after it’s all said and done we have managed to convince you of the aforementioned skills please reach out at @diquecreative.science, www.diquecreative.science, and someone@diquecreative.science.